To be recognized as a company that develops renewable energy generation assets of excellence with the maximum efficiency.

Hydria Participações e Investimentos SA is a holding company that invests in energy generation assets, with five wholly owned subsidiaries: Campos de Júlio Energia S.A, Parecis Energia S.A, Rondon Energia S.A, Telegráfica Energia S.A and Sapezal Energia S.A., which are respectively the owners of the following small hydro plants: Cidezal, Parecis, Rondon, Telegráfica and Sapezal. All the small hydro plants are located in the Juruena River, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a tributary by the left margin of the Teles Pires River, which forms the Tapajós River, of the Amazon River basin.

The river is much more than our source of energy. Tireless, constant, majestic and, most of all, transparent.

And this is how we want to be: a transparent Hydria, which prides itself for its ethics and good practices. After all, it is from transparency that we take our energy.


Our management is inclusive and based on dialogs. We value cooperation, merit, freedom of expression, and the good integration between people, public areas and our customers and stakeholders.


We have a productive working team and we are always open to opportunities that bring us excellence and profitability.


We promote relationships that are respectful, professional and relaxed. We have opportunities to develop, we are motivated, and we promote a good working environment.

hydria time

We are committed to health and safety in all phases of our activities. In our work, we consider the community, diversity, equality, human respect, fair and just work practices, the environment and quality of life.


We rely on honest relationships, credibility, transparency of information, and in respecting the interests and rights of all.

Hydria Energy Compliance Program

The river has always been Hydria’s trademark. And after much research, we decided to keep this element as the main trademark of the program, which symbolizes not only our source of energy but also our transparency. And in its external part, we can see three arrows surrounding and protecting the brand, which represent the values, beliefs and codes of conduct that govern the company.

The values of a company must be the basis for its daily conduct and behavior. This code of conduct was not only made based on legal concepts but on our industry’s best practices and, most of all, on our own values. Therefore, whenever we face ethical issues or difficult decisions, we must conduct ourselves in accordance with our values and commitments detailed in this code.

Look for the application of our code of ethics for the